About Me


If you have made it here, then you have some (odd) interest in the man  woman behind the curtain, the writer behind the posts-- me! *grandly bows*

My name is Anna and I started blogging wayyy back in high school. It started first as a way for me to display my newfound love of photography. Then, when I went off to college, it evolved into more of an online diary-- and when I studied abroad in France it became a quasi-travel blog. As I moved into grad school, I started to write most discussion posts which took a lot of time and thought.

But I realized that even if I put effort into each post, my blog was never going to grow-- it was simply too eclectic to make sense! It had grown with me, but recently all of my photos were taken down due to the evil corporation known as Photobucket abruptly changing their privacy rules. All the photos that had been hosted on that webiste (aka allll of my photos) were suddenly gone.

That's when I realized it was time for a fresh start! I picked one of my biggest passions-- reading-- and set about yelling my opinions as loud as possible.  Narcissistic? Perhaps a tad.

What surprised me the most when I first started this little blog was the instant community that I stumbled into. No longer were my posts echoing in the void-- people were actually reading them! Commenting on them! And not just the nice old ladies from my church! (If you're reading this Ms Sybil, thanks for all the comments on my old blog)

Nowadays I'm pulling myself through a graduate program in order to get a PhD in Physics, specializing in biophysics. I love talking about my research (even though sometimes I don't like actually doing my research) so don't hesitate to ask if you are curious!

But you're probably here for the books. In which case, go grab a mug of coffee and a snack, and enjoy the blog. And don't forget to leave a comment!

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