Dear Sunday: Why I took a hiatus

Dear friends:

It's been a while. How does this thing even work again? *taps on microphone*

Ah yes. Okay. So in case you haven't noticed, I took a little, ehm long break from blogging and the real surprise is that it had nothing to do with blogging. I didn't get tired or uninspired or anything like that.

 In order to understand my absence let me tell you a bit about myself: I hate spiders. As in can't-stand-always-find-someone-else-to-kill-them, hate spiders. Small spiders I can deal with, but when the get to be the size of my palm (or a little smaller) well, then, I'm out.

In light of this fact let me tell you something else that happened: I had a (minor) brown recluse infestation in my apartment. They would appear on my living room wall, on the wall near my bed, on the other wall in my bedroom-- well, you get the picture.

Twelve giant poisonous spiders in 4-5 weeks. Did I mention that brown recluses are poisonous spiders that are really hard to spray for? Ah, well, yes.

After a few weeks it became apparent that this spider issue was going to be an ongoing issue until winter and after trying to just live with it for a few weeks I made the decision to move apartments. It became impossible to enjoy my apartment knowing that it wasn't a question if I would have to kill another giant spider but when and where.

And while some people could totally live with that situation, I decided discretion was indeed the better part of valor, and made the decision to move.

So that move has been consuming most of my time-- I forgot all the annoying laundry list of tasks moving entails. Renter's insurance, forwarding addresses, utilities-- it's been busy over here. Add to that the yearly family reunion which takes place around July 4th and I have not had a spare moment to devote to blogging.

But all of that is about to change! Well, I mean, I still am dealing with the minutia of moving, that won't change. But the lack of time (will hopefully) change soon. The new complex I'm moving into is, well, actually certifiably new in that they aren't finished building it yet. While I'm waiting for the construction to be done, the complex is putting me up in the hotel they own. It's a super fancy (to me) long-stay hotel with a little kitchenette and maid service and free breakfast and I may never want to leave.

Being stuck in a hotel should give me ample time to get back into the swing of things around here! I'm really excited to blog again-- not only did my blogging suffer during the anxiety-filled-spider-filled-time my reading life also took a huge hit. (I didn't finish one book the entire month of June??)

Anyway that is my short  explanation of my sudden, rather long complete absence from the blogging world. I hope you all are well and I hope you don't have spiders ;)

:Thanks for reading!

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