Talking As Fast as I Can: A Review

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Talking as Fast as I Can
by Lauren Graham
Rating: 8/10

If you haven't lived under a rock for the past ten years, then you probably have heard of the wildly popular show Gilmore Girls. I'll admit it took me ages to get around to watching the series-- my friend would always talk about it and Gossip Girl  at the same time and I somehow convinced myself that they must be the same type of shows aka not my type of shows. 

Boy was I wrong-- when I finally meandered over to the series on Netflix I immediately fell in love with the quirky Lorelai Gilmore and the fast paced witty conversations that flew back and forth between her and her daughter; it was like watching a tennis game on steroids. 

And, like every other fan, I was cautiously optimistic about the new series when Netflix announced that finally we would get to catch up with all the fictional characters of Stars Hollow. And then the series came out. Let's not talk about that. After all, this post is about the autobiography, not the devastating let down that was the reboot of a beloved tv show. 

In her book, Lauren Graham talks about the weird blurring of lines between an actress and her character that can occur after years of playing the same role. As an audience member I also find it hard to stop myself from seeing Lauren as Lorelia but y'all. They are like the same person. When she was telling stories about her and her husband I swear it just sounded like Luke and Lorelia got married. 

The book was hilarious and fast-paced. It touches on her childhood, her life on an houseboat, her struggles as an actress, her failed auditions. In fact the parts that I like best had nothing to do with her run on Gilmore Girls. Don't get me wrong-- I loved hearing about the show. But what made this book fun, what made the pages fly by, was her spark and personality, her sense of humor, not the tell-all behind-the-curtain-exploits of the show. She did, for the sake of the book, go back and watch every old episode of the show and talk about them-- I loved when she pointed out all the little things that date the show and remind me that even though the series feels timeless, it definitely marks its age now and then. 

At this point you might be wondering why only eight stars?? I've described a witty autobiography that I think everyone who is a fan of the show should check out. It's not ground breaking or astonishingly profound, but it is an enjoyable laid back read. Aka an 8 out of 10. A perfect lazy Sunday book. 

Let me know-- have you read Talking as Fast as I can? If so, what did you think? Did it make you laugh out loud (totally, I think she's hilarious)? Did you enjoy the old photos of her? What autobiography should I read next? 


  1. I listened and enjoyed it. I am not one for reading bios, but it was narrated by her and she made me laugh.

    1. Yeah, I realized I should have gotten the audiobook after I read it-- had I known beforehand she was narrating it I would have listened to it for sure.