Review: The Secret by Julie Garwood


The Secret by Juile Garwood
Genre: Romance
Rating: 6 / 10

When I first heard about this historical fiction romance novel, set in Scotland in the 1100s, I was so excited. It sounded like exactly my type of book, and I eagerly waited for my library hold to come in. When it did, and the electronic book was automatically put onto my Kindle, I tore into it, only to be sorely disappointed. 

You see, The Secret is not a bad novel. My problem was that I was constantly judging it for something it was never supposed to be. I went into this novel hoping to recapture the magic of Outlander, an amazing time-slip novel which weaves romance and intrigue and historical fiction into a captivating tapestry. The Secret was not that. 

The Secret is a fluffy, quick-read romance novel which, while entertaining, left me wanting more. The plot was overly simplistic, but the main characters were charming. The romance was cute, even if the heroine was perfect and lacked the interest of flaws. I was frustrated by the way every guy in the book would bow to her wishes because, well, she was pretty and charming so hey, why not. Like, you guys, she basically gets women the right to vote. In the 1100s. Because she askes for it. Like. No. 

But this was never meant to be a hard-hitting historical fiction novel, which explored the gritty realities of living amongst warring Scottish tribes. Instead, it was meant to be a feel-good, fun, light romance and I'll admit, it did do that. I just couldn't help but want more from it, even if that's not really fair, to ask a novel to be something it is not. 

If you are looking for a quick (it took me two days), easy to read steamy romance novel, then you might enjoy The Secret-- just make sure you go into with the right mindset (unlike me!). 

What about you? Have you ever read The Secret? Did you like it?


  1. I haven't' read The Secret but I've heard raves about Julie Garwood's historical romances. I have a feeling that this one would frustrate me too. While I don't expect romances to be historically accurate when they get too off base I find it a little jarring.

    1. Exactly-- it wasn't horribly anachronistic, but it also wasn't very historically accurate. The characters were cute though.