Stacking the Shelves: More Series

Welcome back to another episode of Stacking the Shelves, my participatory post in Tyngas's Review weekly series. Let's take a look at what books I picked up at the library this week!


Where Two Seas Met by the Morris people

I read all of the Cheney Duvall M.D. series and am super excited to start the series that follows, Cheney & Shiloh The Inheritance series. I don' think I've ever read eight books (with three to go) about the same cast of characters and I'm not complaining. 


A Study in Death [[Lady Darby #4]] by Anna Lee Huber

Okay so this was actually super exciting-- I fell in love with the Lady Darby series a couple years ago and actually bought (I know, right??) the (at the time) latest book to read on vacation since it was too new for my library to have it. Fast forward a couple years and I had all but forgotten all about Lady Darby until I randomly stumbled upon the book on Goodreads and was shocked to see that two new books had been published in the series! 


When Breaks the Dawn[[Canadian Wilderness #3]] by Janette Oke

The books in this series are short so I decided to pick up number three while waiting for some exciting books on hold to come in.

Speaking of books on hold...


I'll Eat when I'm Dead by Barbara Bourland

I mentioned earlier that I was waiting on some books on hold and some of you mentioned that books on hold always came in at once-- and that definitely happened to me! Like the day after my library run I get an email telling me that the books I had put on hold just came in. 
I'll Eat when I'm Dead is a murder mystery that I heard about on someone's blog and decided to give it a go. So far it's...interesting, I might put up a review once I've finished it! 


This is a book I'm super excited to get to-- I've heard such good things about it! It was also a on-hold book that came in this week. I'm a fan of sci-fic, especially if it's super novel and inventive. I'm working my way through (perhaps) too many books right now, but when they're finished, I'm jumping into this one. 

Whew! Okay, y'all, I think my eyes were metaphorically bigger than my stomach (brain?) this week. To be fair, I picked up the first three books before I knew my holds would be coming in. It'll take me a while to make my way through this crop of books, so no guarantee when I'll next stack my shelves! 

What about you? What books did you pick up this week? Do you ever walk out of the library with too many books?? I'm going to try and be disciplined and read all my books before even thinking of checking out other books..we'll see how that goes!  

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