Dear Sunday: Back Home

Dear Sunday is my weekly post participating in the Caffeinated Book Reviewer series.

This past week has been a busy, fun week, as after moving all my furniture into a new apartment (aka My Dream Apartment) I set off for a family reunion. Seeing my older relatives gave me an opportunity to pick their brains about their lives growing up. I learned small things (my grandmother used to clean churches -- just like me-- but for free-- not like me) and big things (my great-aunt vehemently denies actually /legally/ marrying her husband of 60-something years, I wasn't able to get to the bottom of that story). I'm fascinated by the past, always wondering what it was like to live in it, and how things have changed with time (my grandmother would wear lipstick growing up but no other makeup, it just wasn't popular). My relatives humored me, not quite understanding why I was so curious about what they considered mundane at best, private at worst, moments of their past.

Speaking about my obsession with the past: on my personal blog I wrote a post about stumbling upon a series of photos a WWII-era sailor sent home to his wife, complete with messages scrawled on the back. It was such a cool find!

This week's photo collage includes a perfect fluff-ball of a puppy a family friend just adopted, the best Northern BBQ I've ever eaten, a wild rabbit my cousin has tamed, and three cute little birds who live with said rabbit-whisperer cousin.

But anyway-- back to the book world!

...not much.
who knows. but here are some ideas...
  • What I read: June
  • Review: some book TBD
  • Maybe a stacking the shelves?

Stay tuned! I have to say, I am missing the Top Ten Tuesdays a bit-- I'm looking forward to when that series is starting up again, sometime in August.

Well that's it for this late edition of Dear Sunday; I hope all is well with you, dear reader! Now excuse me while I go spend hours playing the new Zelda game my friend just loaned me :) [[breath of the wild for those wondering]]


  1. Mmm barbeque! And it is fascinating to get a glimpse of the past from grandparents and relatives. Some of my aunts and uncles put together a family history a few years ago and it was amazing the things I didn't know!

    Breath of the Wild! I'm jealous- I need that game lol. Enjoy!!

    1. Oh cool! Yeah my father collated all the genealogical data he could find for one side of his family tree and it's super interesting.
      Haha I know-- I got super lucky. I don't own a Nintendo Switch/Wii U but my friend is letting me borrow her Wii U with the game :)

  2. I love hearing stories from older generations. It sounds like you had a great time. I hope this week is a good one!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one! Hearing their reluctance to tell their stories and their confusion as to why I was so interested made me wonder if it was a generational thing or simple a personality thing.

  3. I love family stories. I always try to ask as many questions as I can. I've lost a number of older family members in the last decade or so and I really regret not taking the time to question them. I think the lipstick thing was pretty common though I can't imagine. I have a hard time with bright lipstick so I can't imagine not having any mascara or anything else to balance it all out. Have a great week!

    1. I know-- whenever I'm worried about appearing too nosy, I just think about how I'll regret if I never get to ask my relatives questions.
      Haha I know right? I wouldn't wear a red lipstick and then nothing else, that would feel so weird!