Dear Sunday: Slow Going

Dear Sunday is my weekly post participating in the Caffeinated Book Reviewer series.

First off: the radio DJs need to stop talking about how summer is almost over. Like, y'all. It's still firmly July, not even close to sliding into August. I feel like my life is busy now (and I suppose it is), but this fall I'll have my normal research work, a microscopy course to take, and some intro physics to teach so can it stay summer for a little bit longer please? 

The rate at which I finish books has plummeted these last few weeks-- thanks to a move and also a new Zelda game (I'm a sucker for anything Zelda and this one is so cool). As I mentioned on my Stacking the Shelves post I was suckered in (like so many others) by Amazon's prime day sale and ended up with an Amazon fire tablet being dropped on my doorstep a couple of days ago. Thus far I'm really enjoying the convenience that an e-reader offers, even if I'm missing the feeling of paper under my fingers. 

This week I'm going to try and pump out more posts-- though Tuesday will once again be a post of my own creation as opposed to following a series. I may not have a recent book finished by Thursday (when I like to post reviews) but if not I'll find some interesting book I've read before to talk about!

  • Dollar Store Book Finds
  • Review
  • Mayyybee a Stacking the Shelves-- if I somehow managed to tear myself away from my video game long enough to finish the books I already have. 
And that's about it! How about you? Any new shiny distractions in your life that are keeping you away from books? 


  1. I like how you are coming up with a schedule for your weekly blog posts. I've gotten into a bit of a rut on my blog, relying too much on blogging memes. I want to back away from that a bit and go my own path.

    1. Thanks! Yeah, for me it was a forced creativity. I think memes can be really cool and really helpful for forming a community but I also like it when blogs write unique posts.