TTT: 5 novels with beautiful relationships

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It's mid February which means it is time for the obligatory romance-y post so this week I'm bringing you five of my favorite romance novels! 

1096472854 Outlander by Diana Gabaldon: Years ago I decided I wanted to read a romance book--but a good one. So I googled 'best romance novel' and Outlander popped up and man was I not disappointed.

876361Into The Wilderness by Sara Donati: This is a beautiful atmospheric novel set in the wilderness of New York in the late 1700s and I just adored it and the two main characters (who of course fall in love because have you read the title of this post).

The Stars for a Light by the Morris people: I have mixed feelings about this series. Yes the plots can be cliche, yes it is a little predictable, yes they refused to even look at a map when they wrote the one that took place in Arkansas. However there is something to be said about watching a romance evolve between two people over like fifteen books. It isn't drawn out (miraculously) and I just love getting that long-term view of characters.

The Best of All Possible Worlds by Karen Lord: Was this a bit derivative? Yes. Was it a bit predictable? Sure. Did I adore almost every minute of the relationship between the two characters? YES.

The Mad Scientist's Daughter by Cassandra Clarke: This is a beautiful, heartbreaking novel featuring a beautiful, heartbreaking relationship.

That's it for me! What about you? What are you favorite bookish relationships??

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